The Sailability Project

The Sailability Project

About the boats

Disability Sailing at Swarkestone Sailing Club

The Swarkestone Sailing Club Sailability Project has a wheelchair accessible pontoon which has been custom made for maximum stability along with two hoists for getting sailors into and out of boats. These are manned by a team of volunteers who ensure people’s safety at all times.

Sailability at Swarkestone Sailing Club

The project also has five Access 3.03 dinghies which can be enjoyed by two people or for the more advanced sailed solo. .Two of the 3.03 fleet are fitted with electric servos and can easily be rigged to allow the sailor to steer or adjust his sails with a joystick or even just their breath !!

Swarkestone Sailability - Hanse Class

The current fleet includes four Access 2.3 dinghies which are extremely stable and will NOT capsize. These are a fantastic introduction into sailing and offer new levels of freedom for disabled people.


The club also has an Access Liberty which also may be controlled manually or using electrical assistance so real independence and freedom can be experienced by ALL. Again joystick and ‘sip and puff’ options are available.